The Sunday Post | Five Things

Five things

Welcome to a new segment on the blog where I share with you five things that have stood out to me from the week. It can be anything from an event, or book to something personal. It's a new take on my weekly round up posts. I hope you enjoy it.

Girl Love
This week saw the launch of Girl Love. It was started by Comedian Lilly Singh. The aim is to eradicate Girl on Girl hate. We all know girls are our own worst enemies when we should be each others champions. There is plenty of room for all of us to live on this planet. We should help each other and show one another love. We should not feel threatened by one another.

Taylor Swift Out of the Woods
Finding yourself and who you are has to be one of the most liberating things you could do as a human and Taylor as always articulated this very well in her latest video. Out of the Woods talks about a relationship which consumed her. It suddenly ended and she realised he may not be coming back but it allowed her to find her own identity again.

Incase you have not noticed I have been playing around with glitter. At 25, this was not something I expected to fall in love with but I did. I wore this look which I posted on my Instagram to a wedding earlier this week.

I have a separate blogpost about this too but this week as been about family, food and organisation. I am getting ready for the year ahead. I recently got stuck in the world of planners and stickers and fell in love.

When I am at work, I very rarely have time to tweet my random thoughts. When i do it is at random times during the day when people are usually asleep. I have had a week off and subsequently, I have been able to tweet a lot more and fallen back in love with the app. If you want to follow me my user name is @bamblingsofnafy. Come and say hi.

What five things have made up your week? I hope you have had a fabulous start to the year.

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