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Freedom London

Freedom London

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Ask the majority of girls to name something from their make up routine they cannot live without chances are 99% of us will say Eyebrows. (I say us because I included myself in that made up statistic) We learnt the importance of brows. The impact the make on the face and can change your appearance almost instantly. With that in mind brands from Urban Decay to Freedom London have designed brow products to fulfill ur needs. After hearing a lot of good thin ha about the latter I decided to try the Freedom Brow Pomade in the shade Granite.

After a good few months of testing this out I have to say I am in love. Pomades are my products of choice when filling in my brows and this one is in my top two. 

The formula of the Freedom Brow Pomade is very similar to the higher end alternative except it isn't slightly more softer making it pliable. I personally find this makes it easier to work with. 

I wear this for sometimes 12 hours at a time and it doesn't fade or diminish in colour even without a setting gel. 

Why I really enjoy about the freedom pomade is the fact you can genuinely mould your brows any way you want too. I like a bold brow but I can also use this for a softer look on days I do not wear a lot of make up. 

What also sets this range apart for me is the colour range. Usually in the Isles of Superdrug I cannot find a brow product to suit my brow colour but the Freedom Brow Pomade has 7 shades in the collection ensuring there is a shade to suit ashy blondes to deep black hair girls like myself. 

I do not always say this about a product but for £5 you really would be silly to not

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