Wednesday Ramblings | A tie die affair

One of the things I personally find hard to pick is a good Laptop and Phone case. They are items which I do not want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on but I still want it to be asthetically pleasing. I think I know it is because I can get some nice pieces for less than £10 so I stick it out and have a good look around.

After months I finally found some bits that I am happy with and wanted to share them with you.

The first item is from Amazon and it is this Pink and Blue Ombre case. This is one I saw in a vlog by Fleur De Force and instantly fell in love. I had my previous laptop case for a good three years and it was falling apart.

I love how soft to the touch the case feels. It is plastic but has a rubbery layer which helps stop it from getting dirty and marks all over it.

Finding a phone case was a completely different story. My phone has been case less for a good few months since at least June. My old case broke and I did not manage to find a case I loved enough to purchase. I decided to look for a pink and gold ombre case but while searching I found this seller also did it in this colour selection which appealed to me more. It appealed to me because there is no glitter or bejewelled bits which made me happy.

Yes I know they both match but this was not intentional at all. I did not even realise the similarities until I put them both together. It made me giggle and would make a good gift for a girl who loves her tech goodies. 

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