Wednesday Ramblings | Getting Organised for 2016

diary 2016
With January just around the corner it is time for us to get organised. I a generally an organised person but this year, I would say the more accurate description of my organisational skills have been an organised mess. With working full time, managing this blog and youtube channel I want to be able to be prepared as much as possible and thought I would share with you some tips I will be putting in to practise come January.

Keep Two Diaries 
This seems insane and a little bit OCD which it may be but something I have been doing for years is keeping two diaries. One small regular one you can fit in to your hand bag. I found this useful because I often find out about events and appointments during the day when I am at work or just not at home so having this has been handy to make note of them.

The other diary is a page a day diary and I use this to plan my entire day. I will take a day out of my week (usually a Sunday) and plan out the week ahead. This makes it that much easier to fit in as much as I can.

Colour Coding
If you are someone who works but also have other commitments such as gym or appointments and after work events this will help you figure out what you have to do that week at a glance. I do this with work, blogging events and spending time with friends and family.

Keep it up
Sometimes it can seem like a lot to stay organised but if you are not use to keeping a diary or just being organised in general I would say keep at it for at least a month. Like anything you need to give yourself time to adjust and see the results from your hard work.

Use Apps
Are you a digital person? diaries not for you? use apps on your phone to help you stay on the straight and narrow. Apps such as Evernote and are great. You can link your email account and calendar on your phone to the apps too using icloud which is fabulous.

Use other phone features
Smart phones are wonderful creations. Use them to their full potential. Use your alarm not just to get you out of bed but to time yourself for appointments, birthdays and even your Wednesday Yoga Class.

The notes section is also a great tool. I use it when I do not have a piece of paper to hand and it just very convenient.

I hope this helps some of you stay a bit more organised during 2016.

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