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Currently Watching: I have been watching a lot of vlogmas at the moment
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Currently Listening too: I have been listening to a lot of Queen lately. Old School. 

Blogs and Vlogs
I've been mainly watching a lot of vlogmas vlogs which I have been loving! some of my favourites are from Zoella, Corrie from Dizzy Brunette, Suzie from Hello October and Lily Pebbles.

This weeks was another busy one. Many people seem to winding down for christmas time but it is one of my busiest times of year. We finally got all the christmas festivites at work under way. Cards have seen sent, secret santa organised and the tree is up. It makes me feel happy because everyone just seems to be in a more pleasant mood. It also makes me feel slightly sad because the month is going by incredibly fast.

I received a surprise this month. I was invited to present the Modest Fashion Awards in London next weekend. I am incredibly lucky and excited to do this. I decided to make a weekend of this and planning on some fun acitvities while I am down there.

A lot of family things went down this week too. It was my aunt birthday so I spent some time with her and all the other lovely family in my life. My baby cousin made my aunts cake and it was absolutely delicious. I am not much of a cake person however I am a sucker for icing.

I also got to see my best friend and baby nephew again. This made me squel. I was able to put him to sleep. There is something beautiful about seeing your best friend with their baby. The bond is incredible.

Next Week we have lots of fun things at work planned and some more meetings with friends. I also have two videos to filmed to keep up to date with my schedule which is terryfing but exciting too.

Hope you al had a great week. Let me know what you have planned next week.  
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