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This week has been happy and busy. It is officially December and I feel like the moment the 1st of December hit, there was an instant lift in everyone's mood. Despite the cold people have smiles on their faces which is very nice.

At work we started doing all the christmas preparations. which is very exciting. We also had a nice work lunch at a new place in the town centre which I really enjoyed.

I also did a spot of my first of late night shopping. I have been so busy that I have hardly been able to go around and just have a look at all the shops. I kept out of the way from the Black Friday sales and there were a couple of things I have my eyes on I wanted to check out.

My best friend is back in town so I got to see her this weekend which was very nice. I it is one of the favourites thing in the world to just sit and have a good old chat with someone. I tend to hide myself a lot which can be a tad bit annoying.

I also managed to see my cousin this week which was nice. We had been planning a catch up for the longest time but just did not get around to it so it was nice to finally be able to say I am free let's do something. I managed to grab a little bit to

This week absolutely flew past, there was so much happening it was hard to take a couple of seconds to sit down and take everything in.

Hope you all had a great week. Let me know what you have been up too! 

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