Review | Urban Decay Setting Spray

Urban Decay Setting Spray
We are entering the season where the majority of us need our make up to stay on for more than a couple of hours. Many of us have events after works or events that last the whole day and the thought of reapplying make up can seem like a chore. That is where the Urban Decay Setting  Spray* comes in to play.

As the name suggests the Urban Decay Setting Spray* is a spray you use after you finish applying your make up. It aims to keep it locked in and set in place for the rest of day.

I find setting sprays are something you either like or dislike. At first I was not sure how I would fair with this but the more I used this I did enjoy it as a refresher and something to wake me up.

One thing that I found surprising was my skin did not tighten up and dry up which for someone who has normal to dehydrated skin was a concern of mine. Instead it lift the skin and revitalised the make up I had placed on on my face.

Does it work? for me, yes it does, I have never found making staying on my skin to be too much of a problem for me but this gives it a little bit of an added boost.

If you have oily skin this is worth trying if you find your make up sliding off halfway through the day.

For those of you who may be a little sceptical as I was, you can purchase a travel size of the Urban Decay Setting Spray* which is a decent size, perfect way to try and see if it for you. The full size retails for £21.00 and the travel size comes to £9.00 and make a great addition to your handbag make up bag.

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