New Video | Skincare and Haircare Favourites of 2015

How is it already nearly 2016? to me that is absolutely crazy! I cannot believe I am saying this but it is that time of year where I am wrapping my favourites of the YEAR. Everything this I mentioned in this video are skincare and Haircare favourites for the majority of 2015. I like trying new products so I took my time with this list making sure I was able to give you a 100% authentic list of favourites.

Skincare is something I do not mess around with and take quite seriously but bare in mind I have normal to dehydrated skin so I use products which cater to that.

Next week, I will have the fun bits and pieces of the year for you as I will be talk to you about my make up favourites! I am currently making the list and I cannot wait to film it for you all. (pre warning, you will need a snack for this one)

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