Top Tip Friday | Five minutes for you

With a full time job, blogging, creating Youtube videos and just general life taking five minutes for myself is something that is hard to come by. It is also something I realised is essential. Taking even just five minutes for yourself can make such an incredible difference to your mood and interaction with others around you.

I made it a small mission of mine to take at least five minutes through my day to do something for me to help me renergise and gain back focus.

Reading a magazine
An oldie but a goodie, I am old school and like physical copies of magazines. With this in mind I love nothing more on a Sunday than making a cuppa, some toast and reading my favourite magazine.

Washing Up
This will sound quite silly but I am the designated washing up girl in my house so after dinner I have to wash all the dishes (which can accumulate quite a look) I usually whack on a youtube vlog and just like my mind wonder while I wash up. ]

Watching a short video
If you need to force yourself in to a 10 minute break, maybe you have been revising for a long time and your brain is fried or you have been on your feet getting in to youtube can really help. Youtube videos usually last around 5-10 minutes so you don't have to feel guilty about taking time to unwind (Something that I can personally struggle with) They can also be light watching and not too heavy helping you unwind after a hard day.

Taking my make up off
As a skincare obsessive I love taking the time to take my make up off. When I come home from work one of the first things I do is take my make up off. I absolutely love nothing more than seeing the products work on my skin.

Having a 'bedtime'
Having a rough idea how many hours you personally need to sleep and setting out to get those hours of sleep will do wonders. For example, I know I need at least 6 hours of sleep. Any less and I can see the effects during the day. My concentration wavers, I get tired by 3pm and also get very peckish. so I try and make sure I am in bed and falling asleep by half 10-11. This is not always possible because life gets in the way but makes a huge difference.We really underestimate sleep on the whole (myself included) but really has an impact when it comes to relaxing as well as helping moods.

I hope this helps some of you realise even taking small amounts of time for yourself can make a huge difference to your day.

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