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This has been a week of growth, not in the literal I have grown 5ft kind of way, but in a more mental headspace way. It started with me doing the charity event at work which went really well. It was a dress down day as well as running a tuck shop to which all the donations would go to the charity. We raised over £300 which made me incredibly happy and proud.

Following that work has been busy but I love it. I am still finding my feet in my new role and I am finally getting somewhere which makes me happy.

The rest of the week has been spending time getting ready for filming my lookbook for winter today. My friend is helping my film it so I wanted to make sure I have everything in place. In the blogging and youtube world a lot of planning has been going on. I have a new site coming to you soon and I am currently working on that.

Winter has finally come to the UK. It is extremely cold which means a lot of rain, storms and wind. My favourite part has been the comfort food, coming in from the cold to a warm cup of tea and Peanut Butter on toast.

Next week I am planning to see a couple of friends. I am hoping my best friend will have had her little bundle of joy by then and I cannot wait to spend with her and her little one. We are sisters and I cannot wait to welcome my little niece or nephew in to the world.

I also really want to make some time to see a few of my friends. I have not seen a lot of them for what feels like years so a bit more effort needs to made from me to make time and see them. 

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