Review | First Impressions Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme

Tom Ford
Tom Ford
When it comes to fragrances and luxury scents Tom Ford is up there with Jo Malone but it was not until recently that I gave his famous scents a sniff. I received this sample of the Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme. 

Tom Ford is known for creating more unisex traditional scents but the Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme is slightly biased towards females. If you are use to the fast paced world of celebrity fragrances and Eu De Toilettes this was blow your mind in the best possible way.

From the moment this touches your body, you will know you are wearing something special. It is intense full of floral notes with an oriental twist. This is a perfume you wear to get noticed. The only way I can describe it is sensual.

I generally do not find myself investing my money in to scents. I am quite lucky in the sense I get away with not having to worry about how I smell too much but since using this my mind has genuinely been opened. The Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme is really in a league of its own. I have not smelt something of this calibre before.

If you know someone who appreciates traditional perfumes and scents this would be the perfect present for them. It does come with an hefty price tag, a 50ml of the Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme comes to £75 but if you are loyal to one scent this is worth the splurge.  
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