Make up Monday | Two Looks with Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

I recently reviewed the Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette so I thought I would share with you the two looks I have been reaching for constantly when I use this palette. They are both completely different so there will be something for all of you.

The first one is warmed toned. I tend to gravitate towards more warm tones, however what makes this stand out is that it is more orange based. First thing I did was applied the shade bitter which is a matte deep brick orange shade. I place it all over the lids and take it in to the crease. Then to add a bit of shimmer I placed the shade Flame on the centre of the lids. Flame is a orange glittery shade but without chunks of glitter. It is very subtle but looks absolutely beautiful on the lids.

I first wore this to work and was not sure how it would look but once I applied it on the lids, and fell in love. It stayed on my lids all day and just added some brightness to my eyes.

Another look I have been trying out is more of a pink/ purple cool toned look. The first shade I went in with is the shade Underhand which is a deep plum shade. I blend it in the lids worked it in to the crease of my lids. Following that, I went in with Pandemonium which is more of a rich purple and has shimmer in it which adds dimension to the eyes and opens them up slightly. To brighten things up further I applied Harlot, a nice dusty pink/ purple shade on the centre of the lids.

The cool toned looks I tend to sway towards have less of a purple element to them but I have really enjoyed the way this looks on the lids. It is subtle but adds a little of something on the lids.

Both of these looks have been work during the day and came be work in the evening to take you from day to night if you are in a rush. They do not have any fall out on the face and you could wear this all evening and still have your eye shadow in place when you are ready to come home and take your make up.

Which look is your favourite? Will you be recreating any of them? 

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