Make Up Monday | Perfecting the Bold Lip

NARS Lipstick

I do love a bold lip. Red, Purple or Pink but sometimes things can get a tad bit messy. It can get rather frustrating so I decided it was time to learn some new tricks and share them with you. 

Prep the lips - This goes without saying but looking after your lips by using lip balm in the morning and a lip scrub if you have dry lips is a must. I alternate between the Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner and Medi Plus most evenings to stop any dryness and this helps a lot. 

Lip Liner it up - I already have a blog post on this but lining your lips is essential when using a bold lip. I line and then fill my lips in so the colour last longer. 

Using concealer - This is my new thing. No I do not mean concealer lips but what I do is take a tiny bit of concealer on my hand, then taking a small detailer brush I go to around the edges and blend it in. This helps to sharpen things up and make the application a little more flawless. 

All three are my go to when I want to create a good bold lips. Some days I go get lazy and miss out point 1 or 3 but in all honestly it takes an extra few seconds out of your routine. 

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