Make up Monday | An Introduction to Pure Colour by New Look

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First there was Topshop who came up with a beautiful make up range and now the latest fashion brand to delve in to the world of cosmetics is New Look and it comes in to the form of their Pure Colour Range. 

For an initial make up range, the Pure Colour selection is extensive so I thought I would try out a couple of items from the range. 

One of the things that caught my eye has to be the eye shadow palette. It comes with 45 neutral warm shades. My favourite shade has to be the deep red shade as I feel this works well for this time of year and is not something you would typically find. 

The formula of the shadows was impressive. Instead of being chalky, I found them to be soft and buttery. You can blend them to create a nice full eye look. for £4.99 this is a good budget palette. 

My eyes then wondered on to the lip section of the range and I was intrigued by the lip liners. I chose the typical berry winter shade. I have to admit, out of everything I have tried from the range. This did not wow me. It is a good liner and for £1.99 you will get the job done, however it is quite wooden and dry so not as easy to move around your lips. There are a good few colours in the range and if you like lip liners they are still worth looking in too. 

You all know I love a good liquid lipstick so I was excited to see Pure Colour had a small range of them available for just £3.99. These remind me of the MUA ones in terms of consistency. They are not too drying however they do crumble over time. Not the most long lasting liquid lipsticks from my collection, however it is more long lasting than a traditional lipstick which I was happy about. I found I needed to reapply it once I had eaten but I personally enjoy reapplying lipstick so this isn't an issue. If you were interested in finding out if Liquid Lipsticks are for you, this is a good place to start. 

I am going to end with the piece that was actually my first delve in to the Pure Colour Range and that is the Baked Highlighter in Gold. This is my favourite item from the entire post. It is incredibly pigmented. Soft to the touch, shimmery but not too overpowering. It has the power of the Mary Lou Manizer. As the name suggests it is a gold shade which works well if you have an olive skin tone.

Overall, there are some gems in the range and some good (but not the best) items. Everything is under £10 which means they are great if you are on a budget or wanting to try something new. 

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