Wednesday Ramblings | What to do in London

At the beginning of the month I hopped on the train and ventured in to London. I have been to London before but never to shop in the fashion capital of the world. Making the most of the weekend I wanted to have a look around some of the places I dreamt of venturing in too while finding some hidden gems to eat and explore.

To Shop

I mean this goes without saying. The origional department store. If you like looking at everything, you really need a good hour or two to take a look at the department store. Apart from the beauty hall, there is the artisan food section and not to mention fashion stalls from Self Portrait which was dreamy.

Liberty of London
My cousin lives in London and for some reason he never came across this one of a kind store. Liberty is home to some of the best Stationary, selected bespoke toys and beauty bits.

To Eat

Flat Planet
I love a good pizza BUT I also like clean as much as I can. In Manchester that is a little bit harder when you're out and about (not impossible) it London the possibilities are literally endless. Bang right in the middle of Oxford Circus I came across Flat Planet. It is a cute rustic place home to organic pizza with delicious pizza. I have the falafel pizza, which doesn't sound like it would go well but it really did. The dough is made out of spelt flour so instead of feeling bloated you feel light and satisfied.

I had to check out Wholefoods while I was there. This did two things. One - I should shop in Kensington more and two - I needed to stock up on all the goodies. I made my own Peanut butter and tried out some artisan dark chocolate.

To Explore

Tate Modern
Did you the Tate Modern is open till 10pm on a Saturday? how fantastic is that? There are so many museums I want to take a look at in the city and this was one of them. It is filled with weird and wonderful art that really shows the passage of time.

I plan to travel more so let me know where you feel I should go next. 

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