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Last weekend I ventured in to London to a look around Olympia Beauty show. The exhibition is a trade show in the beauty industry. It allows hair stylists, beauticians and make up artists to have a look at what is new, network, and buy thinks from wholesalers or buy items in bulk. 

It was my first at a big show such as this and it was really lovely to be part of it. There was so much to see and do, the day went in a bit an whirlwind. 

The website already had a list of exhibitors and brands who were going to be present on the day so I planned ahead and looked at the ones I wanted to know more about so I could head towards them first. I was only there for the first day so I wanted to see as much as possible. 

First up was Inglot. This is a brand I have herd a lot about but  have not yet managed to try. Their custom made palettes have been talked about since I started blogging. The colours of shadows they had and the pigmentation meant I had to pick up a couple of shades. My best friend is a make up artist and she recommended I go and check them out. I was also intrigued about their lipsticks. Inglot also sells matte lip crayons as well as matte lipsticks which I am going to do more research on and add to my wish list. 

My next stop had to be the NYX Store. NYX is a brand I have herd US Beauty Bloggers speak about in abundance since I can remember. They are slowly making their way to the UK and had a jam packed stand. I managed to have a look at a few of their lip products as well as some eye products. If you are in London at the moment NYX actually has a pop up shop in the middle of Selfridges so that is worth venturing in to. 

The event housed everything to do with the beauty industry which opened my eyes to how much is actually out there. Nails were a big hit at the show with many brands such as Soigne, Nailberry and China Glaze showcasing their products. 

One aspect  I was interested in with the inner beauty. There were a lot of skicnare brands around offering advice on products and giving presentations on the importance on certain ingredients and what they mean for the person buying the products. 

Next door they also held the beauty blogger awards and workshops. It was the first time I have been to anything like that and I found it very interesting. It was so lovely to meet lots of other lovely bloggers. After speaking to them on twitter for a long time I was able to finally meet Jess from Copper Garden and Brogan from Brogantate, both of whom have to be two of the loveliest girls I met on the day. 

Olympia beauty is an annual event and  I will definitely be looking to attend next year.

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