Wednesday Ramblings | An introduction to Modern Calligraphy

This weekend I was able to do something very exciting. I had a three hour introduction to Modern Calligraphy. Artsynibs is run by professional calligrapher Joyce Lee. Joyce, has her own print etsy store and recently decided to pass on her skills to those who wish to learn Calligraphy.

The lessons take place at the Foundation Coffee House, which itself is hands down one of the loveliest coffee places in Manchester City Centre. You are immediately welcomed by Joyce who shows you to your seat and tells you to grab a drink.

For someone who had never attempted to learn calligraphy before last weekend I was completely put at ease. Joyce started us off slowly first by introducing the tools we were going to be using throughout the lesson.

What I really enjoyed about the lesson, was the pace, it did not feel rushed, yet I felt like I learnt a lot in such a short space of time. Joyce took the time to come around to each of our desks and look at work giving us specific advise.

It is in intimate class of around 10 people which works perfectly as you learn a lot more that way.

The class is £50 but for that you get free drinks and lunch as well as the tools hand picked by Joyce. The tools include two nibs, a calligraphy pen, a personalised notebook to take away with you as well as a lesson pack.

If you have an interest in Calligraphy or want to learn a new skill, I would highly recommend attending the Artsynibs Class. 

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