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If you know me, you may know I love food. I also love discovering new places to eat. It has become a pet peeve of mine to go to restaurants and places to eat where the food is something I eat at home. Bolton Town Centre (Right behind the big Wilkinson store near Market Place) only have a small selection of food haunts to try so when I came across the Healthy Indulgence Cafe in the heart of the town centre I was intrigued.

The healthy indulgence cafe is one of the few places that cater for people suffering from gluten and dairy intolerance's. I am sensitive to dairy and while I am not gluten intollerent and eat plenty of bread I keep it on the side of wholemeal and find my stomach much more agreeable with gluten free alternatives.

Do not let the name fool you in to thinking there is nothing yummy about this place. The Healthy Indulgence cafe serves some of the yummiest food I have tasted. It is owned by a mother and daughter who both work at the store so when you arrive you are greeted like a friend and there is a nice warm family welcome to greet you.

While I was there, I grabbed one of their custom made salads with a gluten free wraps. The salad was a greek meditarnian salad full as I added stuffed vine leaves, couscous and a beans mixture to the salad. I know it can be hard to get excited about a salad but I have to say any salad lover or salad newbie would love this. I was also tempted to try their sweet potato jacket potato (they do regular jackets too) but I was already full. I also grabbed some tea.

For those of you with a sweet tooth The Healthy Indulgence Cafe offer some amazing sweet treats completely baked from scratch. There was a flapjack with dark chocolate on top, peanut butter brownies. They are also made dairy free and gluten free but you would not be able to tell the difference.

There are very few places outside of my house that I can sit and blog. The Healthy Indulgence cafe offers free wifi for it's customer so I took my laptop and spent a couple of hours writing up some posts. I could not have felt more comfortable or at home.

Ever since I stepped foot in this cafe I have not stopped talking about it. There is so much I want to try from there. The service is great, makes a fun place to go grab lunch with friends or somewhere I can grab coffee without worrying about milk which makes me insanely happy.

Have you looked around your town for somewhere new to eat? you may be surprised at what you find. 

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