Top Tip Friday | For the love of Copper

For the love of Copper

You all really seemed to enjoy the Burgundy piece last week so I thought I would something similar with another colour I have been in to recently and that is copper rust. I stuck to homeware mainly for this post but the rust colour is something I have been gravitating towards clothing wise too.

Copper Frame - Buy Here
I love how elegant and chic this looks. If you like the 'clean' and minimalist look. It would look great in the bed room or the landing. 

Copper Table | Buy Here 
For those of you who like a small table for your bits and bobs this works so well. You should use this as a bedside table or in your living room to place a cup of tea or something. 

Black and Copper Ceramic bowl | Buy Here
This bowl has been floating around the internet for a while now but it is so lovely. It would the perfect popcorn or sweet bowl this weekend. 

Black and Copper Ceramic Pot  | Buy Here 
I would not use this to drink from. Instead I think this would look incredible on my desk full of pens or use it as a make up brush holder. It is just too pretty to use to drink from. 

Copper Metal Mirror | Buy Here
So this is more of a I wish Item as it is crazy expensive but I came across this and fell in love with the simply but effective spiral details. 

I hope you enjoyed my copper picks. It is just of those colours can go with many rooms across the house which is why I have been loving it recently. The colour just picks a place up. 

Let me know if you like any of the pieces. 

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