Top Tip Friday | Five reasons to visit Neals Yard Remedies

Neal's Yard Remedies has to be one of my favourite health and well being brands so when they recently opened their new flagship store in Manchester I gave a little squeal. If you have not step foot in the new store or experienced Neals Yard before, here is why you should go check it out.

1 - It is ascetically pleasing - I will not lie, a good looking store is always something you will remember. The products are stunning but the store in general is just a nice place to browse and have a look.

2 - It has everything - Looking for a new fruit tea? Something to help you relax during the evening or want to stock up on Organic Cocoa Powder this is the place you can do all of this under one roof.

3 - Have a skincare problem they can help - The staff who work in the store are incredibly knowledgable. You have people who are trained in Ajurvedic remedies, learning about organic foods and which ingredients will help to tackle your needs. If like me you have dehydrated skin, they will tell you what to look out for in the products and which products to avoid.

4 - You can grab a massage. - The Neals Yard store also operates as a therapy centre with the most beautiful, calm, serene rooms. I have yet to book a massage with them but they offer a range of treatments from Indian Head Massages to Body Massages. I plan to book myself in for a reflexology session soon as I need to relax and stop feeling so tense.

5 - The price point will surprise you - Neals Yard is an indulgence brand. By that, I mean it is full of the most incredible beautiful smelling and pampering products. The products reminds me of very high end brands. This could put people off from looking inside, however the price point on a lot of their range is very friendly. The skincare products are mid ranged and you can pick up some great things for £5.

The new store is based in King Street next to The White Company in the heart of Deansgate making it more accessible and easy to 'pop in' to and have a look around. I am looking forward to being to go back and having a look around.

If you need a starting point on what to look at when you walk in to the store, I would recommend looking in to the Wild Rose Beauty Balm and more recently their Remedies to roll Relaxation rollerball

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