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If you are an old hat around these parts of the internet, you will know Vichy is one of my favourite skincare brands. Something about their products just mesh really well with my skin. Their latest release the Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep* is no exception.

The Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep* is a moisturiser designed to help those who find it difficult to get the recommended 6-8 hours of sleep. As you all know from my weekly rambles, this is me to a tee. I think I get about 6 hours of sleep so I was very excited to see what this would do for my skin.

It contains two of my favourite skincare ingredients hyaluronic acid and Caffeine which adds a healthy glow to my skin. It brightens your face mimicking the way skin your would look if you had 10 hours sleep.

The formula is slightly on the heavy side but not in the traditional sense. I use to associate heavy moisturisers with feeling greasy and oily but this does not do that. There is no grease and it sinks wonderfully in the skin leaving in soft and smooth which I can still feel on my skin when I wake up every morning.

Another thing I noticed after using The Vichy Idealia SkinSleep* is the over all brightness of my skin. The dullness that seemed to be creeping in seems to be going away and my skintone is more even and brighter.

I have normal to dehydrated skin so I use this every morning and evening. It is really non offensive and smells more fresh rather than full of fragrance so if you have sensitive skin this may be worth trying. (Boots have a tester you can apply on your skin for texture)

Moisturisers are not something I get too excited about but this has become a winter skincare staple.

Have you tried the Vichy Idelia SkinSleep?  

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