Review | Maybelline Creamy Matte lipstick in Divine Wine

If you follow American Bloggers and Youtube content creators, you may have seen them gush about the latest lipstick release from Maybelline. The Creamy Matte Lipstick range has finally made it's way in to Boots and Superdrug and I have to admit, I gave a little squeal when I saw them on the stand.

There are five colours in the UK collection and I decided on the shade Divine Wine. Divine Wine is, as the name would suggest, a deep wine red shade. iIt is perfect for this of year. when you want something a bit deep and dark on the lips.

It has a velvet matte texture which prevents it from being drying on the lips which I love. It means you do not get prune like lips half way through the day. It Like the other Maybelline lipsticks, it is extremely pigmented. This lipsticks packs a lot of colour which I love. as it is matte, the colour does not run all over your lips as it stays in place through the working day.

I have worn this at work, drank tea and eaten my lunch and this stayed on my lips. There was little bit of fading but it faded evenly and could go without reapplying it.

There is a nice bold red shade as a s a nude which is too nude for my skintone but still worth looking in too. I am hoping Maybelline will release new shades in the line, I coujld imagine a nice purple and deep pink would go down well in this formula.

If you are looking for a drugstore matte lipstick that does the job a high end lipstick would do, i would highly recommend you give this a go.

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