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Urban Decay After Glow BlushesUrban Decay After Glow Blushes
Urban Decay Bittersweet
Urban Decay Video Blush
Urban Decay Bang

It is very rare that I fall in head over heels in love with blush but from the moment the Urban Decay After Glow 8 hour blushes* touched my cheeks that is exactly what I felt.

Urban Decay recently released their new line of highly pigmented blushes that promise to last 8 hours on the cheeks. I have to say this is a bold claim but after trying out three of the shades from the collection I have to say I completely agree.

The three shades I own are Bittersweet, Video and Bang, all very different from each other but each beautiful.

Bittersweet* is the one I was more scared to applied on my cheeks but turned out to be my favourite from the bunch. It is a purple shade but as you can see, once applied to the cheeks it provides a nice flush to the cheeks. The purple brightens the face up. This is my go too blush for a special occasion or when I want a full face of make up and look extra glam.

Video is the most subtle shade from the three. It is a nice brown shade that is perfect for everyday. I have worn this pretty constantly since I first applied it. You can see me apply it in my next Get Ready With Me video on Saturday. Video has made it's way to my everyday make up stash.

Bang is the one I use the least but is just as beautiful as the others. As the same name sake lipstick it is a true red shade. As with Bittersweet, this looks more harsh in the pan than it does on the cheeks. Although you can tell there is blush on my cheeks, it is is wearable during the day and adds life in to my face.

All three shades are matte, extremely pigmented, a little goes a long way I only have to touch my brush to get a good colour payoff on my cheeks.

As it says on the box, Urban Decay claims the After Glow blushes* last for 8 hours. I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with this. I have worn this to work and by the time I get home in the evening most blushes are wearing off. I was taken aback and impressed when I could still very clearly the blush on my cheeks come 7pm.

If you have a wedding coming up, a special occasion or just on the look out for a good blush I would highly recommend the Urban Decay After glow blushes*. At £19.00, they are a high end blush but are worth every penny. 

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