Make up Monday | Stripping it back

Winter is here, the cold weather means we can experiment with colours from the dark spectrum. The heavier coverage comes out to place and we end up forgetting to actually look after our skin. 

Recently I have had conversations where people have not been happy with their skin and therefore not happy with the make up they are using. They do not see the products they are using working for them, the way they should be and it came to my attention not a lot of people are awake the difference skincare has on not only the texture but the wellbeing and texture of the skin in general. 

So I thought I would round up some of my all time favourite skincare products for the winter and why I absolutely could not live without them. 

First of all cleansers, there are so many to choose from on the market. My personal favourite comes in the form of the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. The Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes in this mean that not only does my skin feel clean. I feel like it is being treated and recovering after a hard day. I use this both in the morning and evening and it leaves my skin looking cleaner and brighter. 

The Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum is my go to serum for the winter. I do love trying out new serums but this one I have repurchased and will probably buy again in the near future. (Something not that common) Vichy Aqualia Thermal contains ingredients such as Thermal Spa Water and Hyaluronic Acid  which help heal the skin, adding moisture back in to it. After a cold day outside my skin can feel tight and very dehydrated. The moment my skin touches this, it laps it up and soaks up all the moisture instantly. 

I recently talked about the needs for exfoliators and my latest love is in the form of the Origins Modern Friction Scrub. I have a review on this coming up but this is a very gentle dermabrasion for your face. If you have dry patches this works a dream to get rid of the dead flaky skin so your moisturiser can do the work you need it to do and repair your skin. 

I have a whole list of other products that I use now the weather is getting colder but these specifically are the I would repurchase in a heartbeat. 

Overall, Skincare is personal, do your research, see whats work for you. Once this happens I can assure you, you will notice a difference in how your skin looks. 

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