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Towards the end of August, it was my sisters birthday and to celebrate we decided to go out for some yummy food. She chose the restaurant called My Lahore. I had herd a lot about the place but had yet to experience so I very excited to give it a go.

At the heart of Manchester's Vibrant Wilmslow Road My Lahore stands out from the crowd. Brimming with people waiting to get a seat we were instantly welcomed by a lovely waiter who advised us of how long we may have to wait. Considering how busy it was as it was a Friday 20 minutes was not a long time to have to wait. 

We were provided with Menu's while waiting and I was instantly impressed with the variety on offer. I am a bit fussy when it comes to food but there really is something there for everyone. For instance, my sister loves a sitr fry, My father loves a good curry while I prefer to try something I may not have on home such as Sea Bass which is actually what I ate on this very evening) 

Once we ordered the food did not take a long to arrive. We started with some grilled starters. I have some Chicken Tikka, Chicken Shiek Kebab and some Salad and Papadoms. Usually I am in different to a Kebab but I really enjoyed this. It was soft, full of flavour and not greasy. I was only going to have half but I ended up eating the whole thing. 

For the mains I had the Sea Bass. I do eat fish fairly regularly but never Sea Bass. I was intrigued and have to say it was delicious, the fish was soft, easy to break, there were no bones left in it (a pet hate) To go with the fish the dish comes with some mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes. The vegetables were nicely sauted and was packed with goodness. Sometimes they can be slightly bland but this was not the case with this one. 

The mash potato was lovely and creamy. Unfortunately I am sensitive to dairy so could only try this a tiny bit so my stomach wouldn't turn in knots but the bits I had were lovely. 

To drink, I opted on the Strawberry Heaven Mojito. My sister suggested it and it is a mix of Strawberry, Peach, Mint, Lemon, Cranberry and Mint. As far as Mojito's go, this was a good one. It was not too fizzy and very calming a fresh which is what you want when you are having a big hearty meal. 

Over all the experience at MyLahore was great. The place had a good mix of Middle Eastern and British feel to it. The waiters and other staff were beyond helpful. As it was my sisters birthday we planned a big happy birthday sing song which the waiters came in on, They also helped to take some family pictures. 

MyLahore has the atmosphere that resembles Nando's pr Pizza Express. A place that is slightly fancy but also somewhere you can go after a day shopping with friends. 

I honestly can say I will be going back there. There is so much on the menu, I want to try. Having looked through it again I am making a mental note to try a Chicken Panini, Daal Tarka and a whole lot more. 

Have you visited MyLahore Cafe before? What would you suggest I try? 

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