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Charlotte Tilbury
NARS Make up
Aesop Skincare
It is no secret I love make up. I love how it can transform your face in to a work of art or how it make you look that little bit more perkier. While that is said and done, the best feeling that comes from make up is on the inside. Being able to create the looks. The act of getting ready. Those are some of the things that I remember as a beauty addict.

My love of make up actually came after my love for skincare. I was a tomboy growing up and while I have a sneaky feeling my parents indulged in the fact I did not want to wear eye liner to school, one thing my mother taught me was too look after my skin. By the time I was thirteen I knew what Clinique and Clarins were long before I knew brands such as NARS.

For most people, looking after your skin can be a secondary focus. There can be a lot of information out there which can be overwhelming causing many woman seeking advice to simply walk away. Which is why I was extremely happy to see that Selfridges hosted a beauty from within evening.

Beauty from within allowed brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Aesop and Khiels to not only introduce women to their skincare products but provide them with in-depth knowledge of the ingredients they were using as well as live demonstrations of applying the products.

The evening was well done, there was lovely music and spirits were high. There was a comfortable ease to the evening which I personally really enjoyed.

My favourites of the evening had to be the Aesop counter. I have ventured to the stand on two occasions now and have to say each time, the staff have been incredibly welcoming. They listening to my skin queries and helped me choose products to try out at their sink.

The beauty from Within events are open to the public so keep an eye out on the Selfridges website for your nearest one.

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