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Blogs and Vlogs of the week 
A bit of a different video - Tanya Burr (I love this idea and kudos to Tanya for working with the UN on this project)
Americans Trying Canadian Snacks - Tee and Ess (I have no idea why but there is something about this type of video that is addicting)

This week Autumn started  gathering pace in the UK. We have started to put the heating on in our house and wearing big coats. Personally, I enjoy the colder months. I have really enjoyed walking out of the house with some fresh air on the way to work. 

It has also been a buys week. I started out trying to keep on track with everything blog wise and it was all going well. As the week went on it was filled with lots of fun things after work which I am going to talk about in more detail in new blog posts. 

On Tuesday, I got to meet the lovely Charlotte Ingram who is a personal shopper for the beauty counters in Selfridges. It was so interested to hear what she had to say about the service. 

I also got to catch up with some of my close friends this week. We had some yummy desserts and talked for absolutely ages. It was really lovely. 

Sleep has been minimal this week which has meant that by the time Friday came around I ended up catching a cold and have a big headache. I got home on the Friday and literally wanted to crawl in to bed. 

My mother had her birthday yesterday so we spent the day together doing some shopping and having a look around. She was properly pampered which was nice because she really does deserve it. 

Next week will be very interesting. My best friend is coming around and I get to spend some time with her as well doing other bits and bobs. 

Hope you have all had a wonderful week. 

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