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Pictures of the week - Laptop time, A smoky palette for a smoky eye noob, Flowers, Finally got my hands on the candy cotton grapes, All the Tanya Burr shadows.

Currently Reading - Allure Magazine this week
Currently Watching - Strictly Come Dancing 
Currently Listening too - Nothing new this week

Blog and Vlog of the week
Opps, we are all human - Grace Helbig (When I thought I could not admire her anymore Grace makes this video)
Blue lips and Crazy Liner - Pixiwoo (This look is incredibly) 
Player two - Tom Fletcher (The Fletcher family making me saw aww a gazillion times as always)

This week began with a Bank Holiday in the UK which meant I had a day off from work. Usually, I take this day to do some shopping but I was feeling all shopped out/ there was nothing too interesting I had my eye on so I mainly spent the day getting myself in order. The past few weeks were out of my control which made me feel all kinds of out of sync. When that happens, it is usually a sign for my to take a step back, write a lot of lists and generally get more organised.

Work started again which was nice. I love the feeling of going to work and being productive. If any of you have one of those weeks where you feel you are being pulled by all corners or just feel like you have a lot to do make lists, they help and make such an incredible difference. I have always been a list maker but I always appreciate them more when they work and keep my anxiety down.

I also had a mid week pick me up in the shape of seeing my beautiful friend Katie. I have not seen her in what feels like ages so it was great to catch up and have a good chitter chatter with her.

I have had a bit of a dry patch on my face lately which is not cool. I filmed a lip swatch video and when wiping off the colours it affected my skin around my lip slightly which is not cool but will be manageable. I am hoping it will be back to normal by the time the week starts again.

This weekend was nothing very interesting but lovely. I spent time with my family and just making notes on things getting some inspiration for my blog and youtube channel which excites me.

I hope you all have had a fabulous week and I shall see you again soon.

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