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Estee Lauder Modern Muse Chic
Estee Lauder
Perfume is not something I tend to invest in. It is one of those luxury items I tend to put off buying. For about a year I have had one perfume constantly on my mind. The Estee Lauder Modern muse Chic launched about a year ago and I have been hooked ever since. 

Modern Muse Chic is a slightly more fresh version of the original Modern Muse from Estee Lauder. I would describe this a fresh scent with a hint of warmth in it. Personally, I love a mixture of fresh and warmth in my scents because it stops it from being too fruity and sickly. 

There is a mix of floral notes in the perfume such as Mandarin, Honeysuckle Nectar and wood notes such as Amber Wood. The mixture makes it a great day to night transition scent. I tend to wear this in the morning for work but will also spritz myself with this if I have somewhere to be in the evening. 

It is an Eu De Parfum which means the scent will last longer on your clothes and skin hence you end up using less and do not need to reapply numerous times throughout the day. (They do have a toilette version too)

As you would expect from Estee Launder, the packaging for the Modern Muse Chic Perfume is spot on. It is a clear blue bottle and has gold studded detailing on the nozzle. 

I am hooked on to this scent, so much so that if I walk passed a counter, I will have to stop, smell it and then spray it on me.

The Modern Muse Chic perfume retails at £45 for 30ml. I managed to get mine at The Cosmetics Company Store in Cheshire Oakes for £34. Considering I have waiting to get my hands on this scent for the best part of a year, it was definitely worth the wait. 

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