Make Up Monday | The Alternative Winter Lip

When we think of winter lips we tend to think of deep reds and berries but I decided to change it up slightly and show you another lip look I have been loving lately.

I have been pairing two incredible finds I made on a recent trip to Boots. I mixed the Max Factor lip liner in Brown and Bold with the Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 48. The combination is a piece of brown lip heaven. 

This lip look seems daunting but both the lip liner and lipstick are easy to apply. They glide easily to the lips, do not cling to any dry patches and feels like a matte lipstick without the Kate Moss Nude lipstick being matte. 

Winter is filled with endless amounts of warm beverages and messy food. All of which I can get behind but the constant worry of applying lipstick I do not have time for. I wore this to work one day, drank tea, ate snacks and lunch and this stayed put. I did not have to reapply until I got home (at which point I was taking the days face off) 

Brown lips are nothing new and have been a trend I tried when I was 15 but it is nice to see it's revival.

Do you wear a brown lip? which one is your favourite?

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