Top Tip Friday | Instagram Accounts you need to follow

Top Instagrammers
A couple of months ago, I decided to share some of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow and when I wrote it I said I would do another one because I love far to many and Instagram far too regularly to just show you five!

Maya Mia
If you love beauty and the insta videos of people showing you their beauty tips and tricks you need to follow the beautiful Mia Mya. She looks like Kylie Jenner, always looks flawless and is a make up artist by trade.

Sumaiyya Atcha
Ok so this is my cousin and I may be a tad bias but Sumaiyya's instagram is one giant page of beautiful prints you could look all day. I love her style in real life and her instagram shows it off perfectly.

Lydia Millan
I have been following Lydia for at least a year and I am always in awe of every picture she posts. As a fitness and lifestyle blogger, there is a good mix of food and health inspiration. She has a great sense of style and beauty too so her page is a great all rounder.

In the Frow
Fellow northerner and absolute babe Victoria is the epitome of beauty. I am always in awe of the stories her picture portray. Be it a picture of her travelling or the reason behind her particular outfit. I have serious feelings of wanderlust and Victoria's page is an incredibly picturesque way to fill that void. (and that hair though)

Jen has to be one of the first fashion vloggers I followed. There is just something about her I love. She has a edgy vibe to her but if you watch her videos you know there is much more than meets the eye. She has a heart full emotions and her Instagram perfectly demonstrates this.

And those are my Instagram recommendations for the month. This one was more fashion based but there was a sneaky beauty account in there too.

If you're interested my Instagram is here, would love for you to come say hi! 

Let me know whose Instagram accounts you are currently loving.

Lots of love

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