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Currently Watching - Coronation Street (I know but really though)
Currently Reading - Allure Magazine this week
Currently listening too - Mama's Guns Siamease Jackson

Blogs and Vlogs of the week 
The Muslim Life Expo - Nabilabee (I was with this girl at this event and she was incredibly lovely) 
The $100 style swap with Anna - Fleur De Force (Such a different video and I loved it) 
Rhianna's BBHM tutorial - Shaanxo (Those lips though) 

Can someone please explain how we are already half way through August? it seems so surreal to me right now. 

This week has been a whirlwind. It feels everything is slowly coming in to place. I have been juggling working with blogging and this week it has been going really well. I reached 200 subscribers on my Youtube channel as well as over 1000 followers on Instagram and 300 bloglovin followers. I know this is quite small in comparisons to others but it still feels incredible and makes me very happy. I am planning a giveaway soon so please an eye out for that. 

I have also been planning a couple of projects. I am heading to a launch opening on Birmingham in a couple of weeks so keep an eye out for more details on that. Aside from this I have been working quite a lot.

On Friday evening I spent time with my cousins and aunts and uncles. I have not really seen them properly for a couple of weeks so it was nice just hanging out. Fridays are my chilled out evening days and I was really tired but it was definitely worth it. 

The rest of the weekend is being spent preparing for the week ahead. incase you did not know all new posts go live every day Sunday - Friday at 7:00am. 

Next week I want to spend some time with a couple of my friends as I have not seen them in forever.  What do you have planned? 

Lots of love

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