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Kiko Precision Lip Liner

Kiko Precision Lip Liner

Kiko Precision Lip Liner  Bourdoux
Kiko Precision Lip Liner Tickle Pink

My love for lip liners run deep and is well documented. When I ventured in to the Kiko store a couple of months ago I knew I had to give their Precision Lip Liners a try. 

The Kiko precision lip liners are part of the permanent collection and is a traditional pencil liner that needs sharpening. As you can see I could not just stick with getting one liner and needed to get two. After spending a good 15 minutes deliberating I decided on the shades 308 and 301. 

308 is a nice deep purple toned berry shade. Unlike the other deep shades I own like the Gosh Velvet Lip Pencil in Red Danger 308 Bourdoux has more plum under tones and applies more berry than red on the lips. 

301 Tattoo Pink is a very grunge nineties brown shade. The reason I got this was because it reminds me a lot of MAC's stone lip liner. I had my eyes on a shade like this and was lucky to find it. It is unique colour and one you do not usually find on the high street. 

The formula of the precision lip liner is soft but firm which I like. It means you over draw the lips slightly without it drying the lips. As it is soft it applies easily on the rest of the lips. What impressed me the most is the longevity of the liners. Not all traditional lip liners stand a working day but the Kiko Precision Lip Liners do no such thing. I could leave the liner at home and not worry about it fading. 

I am really picky when it comes to lip liners. I need one that moulds the colour perfectly on to my lips and does not dry them out. At £4:20 the shade range is fantastic and the formula is spot on. 

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