Review | Absolute Beauty Mark Beauty Stamp

Absolute Beauty Mark  Beauty Stamp
Absolute Beauty Mark  Beauty Stamp
Absolute Beauty Mark  Beauty Stamp
I love having fun with make up. To me make up is about self expression and being what you want to be in that moment. I tend to play it safe but I stepped outside my comfort zone and tested out some Beauty Stamps.

Absolute Beauty Mark Beauty Stamps are a set of three stamps which are designed to be placed on the body. They are perfect for festivals, holidays and summer when you just want to have some fun and play around a little bit.

The three designs are a flower, star and love heart. My favourite is the star. It is very clear and crisp and looks the best on the skin personally. Being a stamp the shape is coated with black coating so you can dab it straight on to your skin. It is really easy to use and takes no time at all.

When I was playing around with it, I went slightly overboard and got carried away which is easy to do. I placed it on my hands and face and I had so much fun creating a few designs.

One thing I forgot to consider (or rather was too excited and got caught up in them moment to worry about) was taking the Absolute Beauty Mark Beauty Stamp* off. It is meant to last for a good couple of hours so it was not the easiest to take off. Saying that using an oil based cleanser or a bi phase cleanser took everything off without too much without difficulty.

If I had one complaint it would be that they only have black. I would have loved to see the stamps in different colours such as blue, or orange.

If you are a student or have lots of fun summer activities planned these are budget friendly at £3:50 on the Beauty Crowd website and worth looking in too. 

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