Make up Monday | What's on my face The Travel Edition

Travel Make up
Face of the day - Travel Edition
So originally, this post was suppose to come to you in the form of a video but unfortunately the lighting just did not work and I was under time restraints to get going. With that in mind, I will wanted to do some form of travel post so I thought I would share with you the make up I took and wore to the Muslim Lifestyle Expo.

First all my base was foundation in the form of NARS Sheer Glow and the Urban Decay Weightless Coverage Concealer. Both of these create a lovely lightweight base. My face does not look heavy with make up nor does it feel like like I have a layer of foundation on my skin. It is a good travel combination because neither take up any room and if you were pushed for time you can blend it is in with your fingers.

When it comes to getting some warmth in to my skin, I headed to the Maybelline Master Sculpt. I do not contour with this but rather just place it on the high points of my face to add a bit of glow and dimension. I was planning to take a couple of pictures so I then did slightly contour but you can skip this step if you are just going on holiday.

When it comes to the lids, you can go two ways. Grab a palette or if you are only heading out for a day or so like I was grab a single pot to save you room in the suitcase. I did not know what to expect so I over packed slightly and took both options. I went with the Loreal Mono eyeshadow because the packaging is lovely, sturdy and would with stand any travel fatalities. Palette wise, I was not going to take my most expensive palettes. I was only away for a night and it wasn't worth for me (remember I am a bit of a make up collector/hoarder) so I chose go to with the Collection Nudes Uncovered Palette. It has a good mix of neutral shades from light golds to a chocolate brown which is great for those times you want to switch a look from day to night.

Cheeks and Lips
For cheeks, it is all about the creams. It saves brush space and they are usually compact so save storage space that way too.

The ones I used this time around was a trusty combination. My Max Factor Miracle Creamy Touch Blush and then I went to the tops of the cheeks with my Benefit Watts Up Highlighter. Both blend beautifully in to the skin and last a long time. Most cream products only last a couple of hours but this combination will last a good four hours especially if you're travelling around the UK.

Lips are the hardest products to limit yourself with. Especially for a make up junkie like myself. I decided on my go to striking but easy lips with the NARS Lip pencil in Damned and I paired it with my Kiko lip liner in the shade 308. This is such a lovely deep berry combination. I know it is suppose to be summer but it is dark and gloomy in the UK and I personally wear bold lips all year around. (what make up conventions?!) As they are pencils, they do not take up much room so you can take it around with you and reapply if you feel like you need too. They do not melt or ruin easy while in transit. Perfect for everyone but especially if you are about to head on  plane any time soon.

and that is my travel face. I hope you like it and can see why I choose the products I did. 

Lots of love
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