Make up Monday | Some Housekeeping

I am interrupting the usual schedule programming to fill you in on some housekeeping bits and bobs I thought you may find useful if you read my blog.

One thing I have been very conscious of not doing is keeping a schedule but I have found it actually helps me get my posts on time and helps me stay in a routine. (I am a gal who loves a bit of a routine) so I thought I should formally say from Sunday to Friday - There will be a new blog post up at 7am ready and waiting for you read when you wake up with your morning tea. The posts will be much of the same with may be some fashion pieces thrown in too.

I have also managed to get a Youtube schedule that works (as I have a full time job so it can be a bit tough) You can expect a new video to hit your subscription every Saturday 8pm. I know it is a Saturday but it is the best time I can find to upload my video. If you would like me to change that to a Sunday let me know. I have some exciting filmed like a swatch video and a look book so make sure you are subscribed so can find them.

You can see when I post online through Twitter but an easy to store all the week blogposts so you can read them in your own time is through bloglovin. If you read a lot of blogs, it is the perfect to keep on top of your favourite blogs. I use the phone app and it makes things a lot more manageable.

For my daily musings and ramblings you can follow me over at Instagram and Pinterest for snapshots of what I am up to and general places where I gain inspiration. 

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