Make up Monday | The interview face

Get ready with me - interview make up
Interview Face
This is the time of year people are generally gearing themselves up for the next part of their future. Going to college, university or looking for a new job, possibly your first job and with these new life experiences comes some form of Interview so I thought I would do a nice interview go to interview look.

The base
I do not change my base up frequently. Today I used the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer* with SPF protection. After that I go in with my Urban Decay Weightless Coverage Concealer and my foundation I used was my trusty go to NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. You have all seen me talk about this combination so I will spare you the boredom. IF you do want to see me apply this in action I have a foundation routine which will explain it in more detail.

For warmth I then went in with the Maybelline Master Sculpt kit. I really like it. Not too ashy not too grey perfect for an all over warmth to the face. I also contoured slightly with my NARS Laguna bronzer which sways more on the brown side so perfect to contour with.

For the lids, the key is to keep it simple and low key. Nothing over the top or with too much sparkle. I still want to look like myself though (key to feeling comfortable in an anxious situation) so I got out my Too Face Chocolate Bar Palette. I have missed using this palette and went with a look I knew would make me look fresh and awake. First I went it with Salted Caramel and then went in with the slightly shimmery shade Marzipan. In the pan this looks incredibly shimmery but you blend it out nicely in to the lids and looks understated.

To finish the eyes, I go in with the Supercat liner from Soap and Glory. I love how close to my lash line I can take this without affecting my eyes, making them water or scare me. If you have sensitive eyes, this is the eye liner to try. It is a felt tip liner but dries matte and lasts the 8 hours you may be at work or out and about. It is jet black, intense and goes well even on heavy eye looks.

No look is done without mascara. My rule of thumb? go for one that you would use on a regular basis. Skip the falsies but if you want to wear a voluminous mascara, go for it. I chose the Loreal Miss Manga mascara. It opens up my lashes and gives me the added volume that my eyes need. I have small eyes so this helps open them up.

Cheeks and Lips.
Both the cheeks and Lips I keep neutral but as I wear them when I have make up on, I still apply them for my interview. I tried out my new Sleek Cream to Powder blush. This is was the first time I used it but on first impressions I really like the formula. It is soft and as expected from Sleek it is pigmented.

With the lips, I went for a combination I have been reaching towards regularly and that is my MAC Soar lip liner and Illamasqua Shard lipstick. This gives me the perfect mauve nude shade. It is not bold and out there but something that I feel comfortable wearing and personally feels ties the outfit together.

And that is my interview make up. The key is comfort. If you wear some make up on a daily basis wear it, if you are the kind of girl who goes free too, that is fine, do not feel pressured to paint your face.

Whatever your interview, I wish you all the luck in the world. Send me a tweet and let me know how it goes.  

Lots of love

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