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Face of the day
So a couple of months I, wrote this post and with that spurred on the idea to do something slightly different and fill you in on some of the make up mistakes I have made. Believe me I have made many blunders and this is on the surface.

Not attending the brows
I spent a good tonne of time getting teased for my unruly brows and even when I attended to them I did not too much. Now I realise the importance brows have on the face and actually have a full brow routine. Sounds high maintenance. Is it? perhaps! but it only takes an extra couple minutes in the morning so I am ok with that.

Over doing the blush
I can tend to be a bit heavy handed so when applying blush I need to becareful on the shade and the brush I use. Even today sometimes I apply a bit too much blush (albeit very less often) It is always better to apply the tiniest amount and then build it up.

Not applying mascara
Did I mention I did not wear make up until I was 19? after that it still took me a while to try mascara. I did not think I needed or felt it would make much of a difference to my eyes. It is suffice to say I was wrong. I hold my hands up. I now have at least 2 tubes of mascara on the go at any one time.

Smudging mascara and leaving it
I have small eyes so smudging mascara is actually something that happens frequently. Now a days I will clean it up but there was a bit I would leave it. I wear glasses and figured it would be ok but I realised it looked messy. Mascara everywhere is not a good luck.

Not looking after my skin
I have a deep rooted love for skincare but growing up whenever my mum told me to look after my skin and gave me a skin routine, it was not something I stuck with. I did it from time to time (like once or twice a month) It clearly stuck with me to look after my skin slightly but I wish I did not take a good few years to do. 

And those are my five make up mistakes that I wish I could rewind time and tell my younger self to not make. 

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