Wednesday Ramblings | Sweatproof Make up

This post seems fairly redundant as I am typing this the heavens have open and it looks like we are in the middle of December but we are actually in July. Saying that it is still humid outside and it is the early days of summer days hence the reason for this post.

With the humidity we are currently experiencing chances are your make up will want to melt and disintegrate (or at least I am hoping it is just not me) so here are some things I do to try and keep my make up together.

Using a primer
If you watched my recent Get Ready With Me video, you will notice that I used a primer. A primer locks your foundation and creates a base for your foundation to sit on. Your primer of choice? That depends on your skin type. If you have dry, dehydrated or normal skin I would go with my personal favourite which is the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in SPF 30* It feels like a lightweight moisturiser on the skin. It is translucent on the skin so does not mix the shade of your foundation.

For all my oily and combination skin girls a silicone based primer is the one you want to go for. There are many of these you can choose from on the high street and department stores. Something like the Benefit Porefessional would help your skin stay matte as well keep the oil from mixing with your sweat and foundation.

Setting sprays
I will confess part of this is because of how spraying this makes me feel but I have been using the Urban Decay All nighter long lasting setting spray*. Setting sprays can be used in many ways but in this instance I use it to lock in my make up to give it a small boost and lasting power.

Layering Products
This sounds counter productive but if you're applying blush and want it stay for a good few hours without melting using a cream blush first blend it in and then apply your powder blush on top. This allows you to still have the fresh looking glow to your skin without looking cakey as powder products on their own can occasionally.

And those are the three things I do to make sure my make up stays in place in the heat. I hope this helps some of you but ladies if it is too hot outside don't feel like you NEED to add a lot of stuff on your face. Just do you. 

Lots of love

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