Top Tip Friday | Now that you have graduated.

 I cannot actually quite believe this but I graduated a whopping three years ago. I have no idea where the time has gone but it has gone super quickly. During these three years, I have learnt quite a lot from trying to find a full time job, to moving from home to learning to let go. I wish I took it a bit more easily and relax a little.

It is such a transitional period in your life so I thought I would share with you some things to do now you are fully fledged adult about to hit the working world.

Now I know this may depend on financial circumstances but when I say travel it does not have to be abroad. When I graduated, myself and a couple of friends went to the Harry Potter studies. We spent the weekend in London and to this day has to be one of my favourite memories in recent years. See what your budget is and round up a list of things you and friends could do. A weekend to Blackpool or a day trip to Brighton.

Getting a job may take a while. It can be slightly depressing filling out job application upon application. While they are important and you should do as many as you can. It is also important to not turn in to a couch potato feeling sorry for yourself. See what volunteering opportunities there are in your local area. If any of you are interested give them a go. It will add to your CV ad potentially help you nab that job you have your eye on.

Do not compare yourself
 So it is very easy to watch your friends move in different direction in their lives. Some may start getting married, others may be moving, some could be getting their graduate job. All of this could make you take a step back and feel like you should be on that page too. I went through a serious down/ upset period after I graduated. Creative jobs are few and far between. I was doing internship after internship and just felt I was behind my friends who were getting married, gained their graduate job. I honestly thought there was something wrong with me. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with you, the job market is hard, you need to stand out and brag about yourself.. Sell yourself and remember that your friend with the job, she was in your position too. In time you will be the woman or man with the job you love.

Have fun
It is so easy to get confused and go through a quater life crisis (Yes, this is a thing) remember you are young. Take this time in your life to make some changes, take risks, do things you have wanted to do for longest time like go on a hike or spend a day in library. Your twenties are the time before the big responsibilities kick in so use them wisely.

I hope this helps some of you make that transition from student to adult. Congratulations on graduating you cleaver bunch. I wish you all the luck in your next adventure! let me know what you have planned. 

Lots of love
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