The Sunday Post | My Week

The Sunday Post | My Week

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Let's Explore Portland and Maine - Ingrid Nilsen (I wish I do this, there are so many wonderful things to see in the world)
Middle Eastern Dusk Collection - Illamasqua (Such a great campaign from one of my favourite brands.

What a jam packed week it has been. The month of Ramadan was ending and the week started off calm and just embracing what was left of the month.

On Wednesday I made a sneaky visit to the Trafford Centre for a masterclass with Charlotte Tilbury. I went with Danielle and it was such a lovely evening. There is so much to say about it so keep an eye out for Wednesday post but it was a great mid week treat.

Thursday was spent working and preparing for Eid. We sorted out the clothes we were planning to wear. My mum and I did some baking. We baked a swiss whirl dessert along with some Indian sweet. I haven't baked in what feels like the longest time so it was nice to be able to do that with my mother.

Then the main event was here. Eid was spent with all my uncles, aunts and cousins. Eid is one day of the year where I kind of just forget about the list of things I feel like I need to do and relax so it was nice to do that. On Eid our family just really hangs out, eats lots of food and catch up.  It was a long day but so much fun.

As our family were all together this weekend we had a barbecue this weekend. It was a really fun evening. I was able to goof around and be silly. I also spent my weekend catching up on Pretty Little Liars. I am halfway through season four and I am so glad I started watching it again. I haven't watched so much TV at once since I graduated. The Netflix app is the best thing I ever downloaded on my phone.

I had a wonderful weekend, fully rested spending the weekend surrounded my some of my favourite people.

If you celebrated Eid, I hope you had an incredible weekend with your loved ones too. 

Lots of love
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