Review | Vichy Capital Soleil Velvety Cream

Vichy Capital Soleil Velvety Cream

The word sunscreen reminds me of holidays abroad. It is not a product that I usually would associate with being a necessity in the UK. Boy how wrong was I? The Sun has peaked to 30 degrees which for the UK is very rare. Walks in parks are becoming a thing, we are seeing more ice cream vans, I am craving more and more frozen yoghurt, it is all going on.

Something that instantly came to my beauty obssessed mind was the need for SPF and needed to protect my face from the suns rays without having to staying inside (although an air conditioned mall trip wouldn't totally be a bad thing) So I looked through my stash and picked out my Vichy Capital Soleil Velvety Cream*. 

The Vichy Capital Soleil Velvety Cream* is a soft, intense, comfortable face cream which aims to help protect your face from UVB and UVA rays. (You need protection from both) Unlike traditional sun creams this is not heavy on the face. It is heavier than your regular face cream but it does not weigh it down or clog up your pores. Instead it moisturises your face adding some hydration plumping up the skin making it look awake stopping it appearing dull and tired from the heat.

With an SPF of 50 (the highest you can buy in the UK) you can rest sitting in the sun with this on your face. As someone who has asian Skin tone, I tend to not burn but I do tan. Just because you do not burn does not mean your face does not need protecting from the suns rays.

My favourite thing about the Vichy Capital Soleil Velvety Cream* has to be the scent. There is a hint of coconut to it that reminds me of being on the beach or in Hawaii.

If you have normal to dry skin, this is for you. If you have oily skin there is a mattfying version which is worth taking a look at. I also just discovered there is an entire range you can get your hands in too. Perfect for holidays or just a regular sunny day. It is currently on sale on Escentual for under £10 too. Grab it while it's hot (Sorry terrible pun)

Lots of love