Review | NSPA Fruit Extracts Cherry Scrub

NSPA Fruit Extracts Cherry Scrub
NSPA Fruit Extracts Cherry Scrub
One place I love looking for body and bath products have to be supermarkets. They stock some of my favourite brands and they always have some form of offer on. The bigger chains such as Asda, also have brands sold exclusively in their stores which is where I came across this beautiful body scrub from NSPA.

NSPA Fruit Extracts Cherry Scrub is a gentle body scrub with tiny exfoliating beads. I say beads but you can barely feel them. They do not feel harsh on your skin and is very comfortable on the skin. If you do not like abrasive scrubs this is the one for you.

As the name hints towards, this is a nice cherry scent. I am obsessed with cherries at the moment. I eat a handful a day. I cannot get enough. It is fruity and sweet, without being too sweet. I am not a fan of sickly sweet scents and I found this very pleasant to use. The range carries a whole set of scents so chances are there will be one that you will enjoy.

Once I applied it on my skin, my body felt soft, hydrated and moisturised. Any dry skin I had felt like it was being treated.

Personally, while I do love a deep sugar scrub, this is great for a quick fix, when you do not want to spend a lot of time in the shower but want to look after your skin. 

Lots of love
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