Review | Max Factor Masterpiece Transform mascara

Max Factor Masterpiece Transform mascara
Max Factor Masterpiece Transform mascara
When it comes to mascara, I feel like I know my place. I know what I like, the formula that works best for my lashes, the way I want my lashes to look. I wear glasses so I like big voluminous lashes to make my eyes appear bigger behind the big lenses. I had herd a lot about the Max Factor Masterpiece Transform mascara and wanted to give this a go. 

The Max Factor Masterpiece Transform mascara, aims to coat each and every lash to instantly transform the lashes. It has a nice wand with lots of small tiny bristles to be able to do this with. I really like this wand because it does allow you to get stuck in and apply layers of mascara to your lashes. Most mascara wands are slightly big for my lashes but this fits in perfectly. It is soft so if you have sensitive eyes, you will like this wand. 

It has a wet formula which allows you to work the length on your lashes. At first, I will admit the formula did not wow me. Over time as the mascara dried up slightly I began to really like it. This is one of those mascara's that the more dry it becomes, you get more volume and thickness added to your lashes which is what I prefer from a mascara. 

For the first time, I got a mascara in a brown/ black shade.  I was not sure about it but I am glad I did it. It was really subtle but effective. 

As a day time mascara this is perfect, there are no clumps, great length and it gives you good volume that opens your eyes and makes you look awake and fresh. 

Lots of love

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