Make up Monday - The night before

This time of year usually brings some form of big event. Proms, levers parties for high schools and colleges, graduations, end of the school year celebration and summer weddings to name just a few. All of these include us wanting to look our best or putting our best selves forwards.

Even for a girl who is comfortable in her skin and is minimal likes to prepare for events like this, me included. With Eid coming around the corner, I thought I would share some things I will be doing leading up to the day.

Getting Rid of Excess Hair
There is no straight rule on doing this and girls, you don't HAVE to do this, but I feel my best when I know my eyebrows are done and my tashe is not on show. Being Dark skinned, there is a lot visible hair in areas I wish there wasn't so a few days before I will go about removing it. My favourite way to do this is threading my brows or Veet's Hair removal cream for the face. I do it a few days before because your brows may bleed slightly or your skin may feel a bit sensitive.

Fake Sleep
With a big event, there is bound to be some lack of sleep. Either you are too excited about the next day. When this happens, the quick fix I like to go too is the Skyn Icelandic cooling eye gel. It is a pack of two small pads which contain cooling eye gel on them. I apply them under my eyes and leave them there for ten minutes. The gel hydrates the skin and cools the area depuffing the lids. Getting rid of baggy eyes and any signs you only got three hours of sleep.

Masques Gallore
Your skin looks it's best when it is hydrated. Hydrated skin looks plump, fresh and healthy. One way you can do this is by applying some face masks and oils the night before. I am trying out these samples from Aesop at the moment. The Parsley Seed masks is one of their best sellers and helps clarify the skin. Perfect for blocked pores and if you have any blemishes. The one I am really interested in using is their hydrating cream. I have dehydrating skin so I am excited to give this a go. Tailor the masks to your skin and what it needs. Try and stay with products you know work for your skin. Do not try anything new. You don't want a reaction on the day of the event. Save that experiment for the evening when the event is over and you want a bit of a pamper.

It sounds like a lot but this really is the lazy girls preparation guide. I am really easy and in truth, I do not always feel like I have the time for a whole evening of pampering myself (which would be nice) that is why these tips work for me. They can be done in 10 minute intervals and are fuss free.

What is left? to enjoy the even you are preparing for. Put on your best clothes and spend time with your loved ones. 

Lots of love
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