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So if you are old readers, you will know I like change from time to time and recently felt the need to revamp my blog. I was not quite sure how I wanted to do it though so I did some research asked around and came across the lovely Chaitra from the blog Pink Pot. She is an Indian American Based blogger whose main job is being a web designer.

What is different you ask? well content wise, you can still expect to see the same posts from my reviews to my Sunday wrap ups. The main difference is that you only one of those kind of posts you do not have to struggle. Just click the beauty section at the top and all my beauty posts are in one place for your reading needs.

You can also subscribe to my blog via email so you never miss a post. I have wanted this feature for the longest time because I know a lot of readers do not have Google Friends Connect and not everybody uses bloglovin so this way you don't have to keep checking twitter so see when I have a new post up. It will be waiting for you in your inbox.

Other than that all my social media links are dotted around the blog so you can come say hi, let me know if you liked a review, tell me if there is something you think I need to try and just a genreal chit chat.

I really hope you like the design. I was honestly really nervous about doing it but I am so glad I did. I could not have done it without Chaitra. She was really responsive, took everything in to consideration and is definitely recommended if you are  fellow blogger or wanting to create your own site. 

Lots of love