Wednesday Ramblings | The SPF line up

SPF line up - Vichy, Bare Minerals, Clinique, Laura Mercier
Now that Summer is around the corner it is about time we talk about protecting the skin. Personally, I have a deep skin colour, which means thankfully I do not tend burn easily but I still like to protect my skin from the rays. 

The way I do this is by adding a bit of SPF in to my routine. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and can be found in products such as Sunscreen and Body products as well as base make up. I don't change up too much, but here is what I have begun to incorporate in my routine. 

First thing first, finding a sunscreen. I have been trying out the Vichy Ideal Soleil in SPF 50*. I have not owned a Sunscreen since I was a young girl. I have recently been using this under my make up and finds it works well. It sinks in well to the skin. One thing I love about this is because it has both UVB + UVA protection which is something to look out for when looking after your skin. 

Moving on to my make up, with warmer weather comes with sweating so to make sure my make up stays on all day I have been using a primer. I always go to Laura Mercier when it comes to primers and I am currently using the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer with SPF 30*. Again this also comes with UVB + UVA protection and I really enjoy using this. This is probably the most used product aside form my tinted moisturiser that I am sharing with you today. It is great as an everyday product but also on those extremely hot days for the added boost of SPF protection. 

For a base, there are actually quite a lot to choose from. My current Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue is perfect for me personally as it contains SPF 30. As I said, I do not burn easily so especially in the UK this is something I can work with. For those of you who need that added protection Shishedo do a foundation I have herd wonderful things about with SPF of 50! 

Something I am trying out this year is looking after my body. I tend to stay covered up with light clothing but it is important to note your body needs protection. Again Sun Cream in the obvious choice for this. I recently got hold of the Clinique body cream in SPF 40 with UVA and UVB protection*. It has a pleasant smell, absorbs nicely in to the skin. I will do a more indepth review of this once I tried it more. I really like the packaging - perfect for travelling with! In fact in my head if i was planning a holiday I would be including all of these products in my travel bag. 

I know this sounds very scary and the need for SPF sounds like I am telling you to stay indoors. Yes SPF is needed to help protect your skin from getting damaged and becoming cancerous but my favourite Skincare Guru Caroline Hirrons says it best when she says "Enjoy the Sun, I enjoy the Sun, Just protect yourself" so go out, go to theme parks, spend that weekend in Greece on the beach just pack some SPF in your bag. 

Lots of love
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