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Palettes Under £10
Palettes Under £10
A while ago I did a post called Palettes worth the splurge where I mentioned the high end palettes worth investing in. Since then I have been raiding my stash and Boots and Superdrug to try and find budget friendly options. It has taken me a while because by and large you do get the quality you pay for. Saying that, I found some gems that I wanted to share with you. 

Essence Quatro Palette | Buy Here
When it comes to eye shadow, Essence can be a bit of a hit and miss. The one I like comes in the form of their Quatro range. It has four shadows to complete an eye look. This one is a neutral girls eye look. There is a gold shade, a slightly deeper brown shade and two highlight shades. It is small, so perfect for travelling. The quality is good, good pigmentation and the shadow is not chalky so you are able to blend it well together. 

Sleek Shadows | Buy Here 
Fun fact - The Sleek oh so special palette was the first official eye shadow palette I bought myself when I got in to make up (which was only about 4 years ago) If you are on a budget, want to experiment or just want good shadow without spending a lot of money, I would check out your local Sleek counter. The pigmentation is the shadow is lovely, they are long lasting, especially with a primer. They are a bit powdery and you can get a little bit of fall out but nothing that cannot be wiped away easily. They do everything from a Neutral palette to a bright eye palette. 

Collection Nude Uncovered Palette | Buy Here 
This is buy far my favourite palette from the bunch. I cannot hide that fact. The shadows are buttery soft, highly pigmented and remind me a little bit of Urban Decay shadows quality wise. There are a couple to palettes to choose from and at £3:99 you definitely need this in your life. They are quick to apply and last all day. 

Make up Revolution Flawless Palette | Buy Here 
If you like experimenting with a lot of shadows and like choice, this is the palette for you. There are 18 shadows in this beauty. All neutral shadows with some deeper ones for smokey eyes. The shadows are good quality, soft, easy to blend and does last a working. I find palettes like this from the high street are a great way to experiment and play around with make up. 

All in all these are all my go to palettes from the high street. 

Lots of love
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