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Vlogs and Blogs of the week: 
Cocochic - (Her entire channel has me hooked at the moment. Great content, great quality and she seems like a fun girl too)
Hello Tokyo - Keeping up with Kell (Kelly's journey from university to 'Adult' life has me feeling all kind of lazy, not good enough but it is nice to see hard work paying off)
What I am watching June - Diary of a Spendaholic (I love TV almost as much a Khila and this series is so fun!)

Another week and an end of an month. Summer has officially kicked off in the UK. The sun has come out, the humidity has risen and I no longer have to wear my winter coat. (Is it sad that I miss that) 

This week I was in a bit of whirlwind. Ramadan is a 1/3 way through and with that came some sleep deprivation. My sleep hasn't been affected massively but even a few consecutive nights of going to bed an hour later affects me. 

Aside from the usual goings on you read about on these parts of the blog, not a lot has gone down. as you are reading this I am mostly likely in Manchester meeting other wonderful bloggers talking about all things blog related and that is pretty much the social event of the week. 

My mind has recently been on the world news. We live in such a narrow minded space as humans sometimes, it can be easy to forget parts of the world we have not seen or experienced personally. For some reason this week that really got to me and made me remember how lucky I actually am. My dad and I have this tradition where we take food from my Grandma's house she has made and deliver it to all my aunts and uncles. I haven't done it in a good couple of years but I have been really enjoying knocking on my aunts door and having a quick 3 min chat with them or my little cousins about their day. I legitimately live only five minutes away from each of them and I don't think I appreciated that enough. 

Ending on a upbeat happy note, I finally started saving up for something BIG! I have been wanting to start saving since I got my first full time job and it is so exciting. It is in the fragile early stages at the moment and  I am even scared saying it out aloud incase I jinx it. 

I also have some exciting things planned for this upcoming week. I am going to be back on That's Manchester (Freeview Channel 8) on Wednesday at 4.00pm, I would love for you guys to check it out. It is such a fun show. 

Send me a tweet and let me know how your week has been. I would love to know. 

Lots of love
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