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Something I have to share - Ingrid Nilsen (Just watch this, you will see why this is here)
My Drunk Kitchen - Hannah Hart -(Again just watch this, you will thank me)
In the bathroon with Caroline Hirrons - Sali Hughes (Such a wise inspiring video)

There seems to be a pattern this week. Nothing goes exactly the way you expect it too or want it too. This week unexpectedly was filled with hospital visits and a mix of plans. With all of this going on, there was not a whole lot going on this week.

I have been managed to get stuck in to a TV series this week. Empire hit headlines in the US as being hard hitting street, funky and fresh. I was intrigued and was glad to see it was picked up by the UK channel E4. I am of course behind (I always am when it comes to TV) but I am already in love. If you're a Disney 90's kid, you will recognise Raven Symone from that's so Raven who makes an appearance later on in the season.

Later on in the week, I got to see my best friend and check in. I always find it a nice way to break up your week when you're in need of a bit of down time.

Blogging and Youtube kind of a step back this week. I have not had the chance to catch up on a lot of my favourites and plan for future endeavours but that is changing this weekend as I type.

I also have some exciting news. I am set to appear on my friends TV show tomorrow! I am ridiculously excited and nervous all in one. My wonderful friend Chyaz, has a her own presenting gig with the wonderful channel That Manchester. I am so proud of her. She has wanted to be a presenter ever since I can remember so to see her do her thing live will be incredible. If you want to check it out, you can find it on freeview and I will on at 4pm Monday!

All in all it has been a mixed week. Full of emotions, some good, some full of anxiety and others filled with sadness. If I have realised anything from my Twenties it is this, you have to make your own happiness in this world, in whatever form this may be. So I hope this week has bought you many moments of happiness, be that in the form of a family get together or through a book.

Lots of love
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